Zombies and Literacy

Recently while gaining some more work experience as a volunteer at Parkes Public Library, I learnt about the enrichment programs put together by staff at Parkes Public Library with the help and ideas of Dr Matthew Finch. One such program was the Zombie Apocalypse held at Tullamore Public Library in NSW, where students from the local Central School had to develop survival skills and research appropriate information and escape plans to outlast the Zombies outside the library’s walls (Finch, 2012, online).

The idea was to develop childrens’ and young adults’ literacy in an enjoyable way where they were not preoccupied with feeling that it was all too much like hard work. The local school got on board with the program, and the following Monday after the event had the children and teenagers working on creative literacy activities, which they were all more than happy to participate in.

The relevance here for teacher librarians is that they are able to put in place these sorts of inspirational and creative literacy programs where all of the senses are stimulated and where students are happy to be involved in and extend their literacy through writing and research activities during and after the event.

See the link below for further details.



Finch, M. (2012).The zombies of Tullamore: A library youth programme with a difference. Books and Adventures. Retrieved from

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