“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

– Benjamin Franklin


Revisiting Purcell’s (2010) article allows me to consoidate the idea that teacher librarians are not just involved in staid old practices of being seen and not heard, of checking in and out books, and in other mundane (yet no doubt necessary in other ways) administration tasks. They have roles as leaders, teachers, collaborative and instructional partners, information specialist and program administrator (Purcell, 2010, p. 31).

Just like the above quote, teacher librarians have a role in improving student learning outcomes via involving students in real and meaningful learning experiences. They may collaborate with teachers to create units of lessons which not only address curiculum material, but are also relevant to the convergence of 21st century literacies and changing technolgies. I think to be most beneficial to the whole school community, a school wide approach to incorporating the teacher librarian’s work and knowledge is important.



Purcell, M. (2010). All Librarians Do Is Check Out Books, Right? A Look at the Roles of a School Library Media Specialist. Library Media Connection.


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