Future ideals and ideas…

What are the implications of the changing information and library landscape for the broader information profession?

I quite enjoyed reading about the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, and how it has opened a so-called “library without walls” in the Pittsburgh Public Market in order to deliver library services and meet users where they are (Berry, 2012, online). In this case it means taking the library to a place where library users (potential ans actual) frequent on the weekends for shopping (Berry, 2012, online).

This article held my interest as recently while on my work placement at Libraries ACT branches in Canberra I learnt that they have a mobile library which also frequents outdoor events so as to increase publicity and deliver services to users where they are. This means that the mobile library will go to markets, school events and so forth.

So, to conclude these little thoughts, libraries and the information profession are changing to realise libraries are no longer located in one physical place, but instead are moveable, able to shift to where users need their services, and able to meet user needs in new ever-changing ways.

Berry, A. (2012). Beyond the Book Mobile. Time. Retrieved from

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